Looking for automatic and compact washing machine! NatureWasher provides the environment-friendly ozone laundry system with required washing capacity!
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NatureWasher Laundry System

And Here Comes NatureWasher!

Introducing NatureWasher, a powerful, environment friendly ECO Green appliance that works in conjunction with your existing washing machine. This NASA- engineered technology has been trusted by hospitals and elite hotels for decades at much higher commercial costs. Our mission is to introduce you to a detergent-free laundry that kills the hazardous germs from your dirty laundry utilizing oxygen infused cold water in place of toxic ingredients.

NatureWasher eliminates reactions of chemicals to each other as well as reduces 100% E. Coli and other bacteria and viruses that fester in every load of laundry.

Ozone Laundry System

Generates Oxygen

The oxygen and PCO generator transforms cold water into a powerful oxygen wash known as Natures Detergent.

Bacteria Free Laundry
Environment Friendly Appliance

Infuses Clothing

Oxygen is a natural purifier, breaking down oils and grime in fabrics. Ozone (nature’s detergent) is diffused into the cold wash water.

Eco Friendly Washer
Washer Dryer All In One

Eliminates Chemicals

NatureWasher annihilates bacteria while keeping your family safe from the harmful effects of chemical detergent.

Our Happy Customers

NatureWasher® for a Better Tomorrow

More Savings

Buy it once and get extra savings up to $700 a year by eliminating the need for laundry detergent, fabric softener and hot water. Grab the offer with 3 years warranty and increase the lifespan of your clothes and washing machine for
another 10 years.

Eco Friendly Home Appliances

Environmentally Friendly

NatureWasher gives you germ ‘free’ laundry without using detergent, hot water or fabric softener making it an environment- friendly ECO product unlike your old washer or the detergent you use along with it. Eliminate pollution that crystalizes in septic tanks and water systems providing longer use.

Detergentless Laundry System

Chemical Free

NatureWasher gives you fresh, clean, germ free laundry without utilizing any poisonous additives. It even kills the nasty mold and bacteria inside your washer and keeps it from becoming a bacteria breeding ground.

Chemical Free Laundry System

No More Bacteria

NatureWasher kills the bacteria and mold that hot water and detergent cannot. Most home laundry cycles result in laundry being full of residual detergent build up and washers full of bacteria and mold. NatureWasher does not.

Best Laundry System

If you wash your underwear in detergent there will be 100 Million E.Coli germs

Don’t Wait Any Longer


NatureWasher 3 YEAR WARRANTY


Buy now and try your NatureWasher for 30 days. If not satisfied in 30 days, return in original package and receive full refund except shipping cost.


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