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What Happens When You Wear Detergent Washed Clothes?

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Contemplate the use of harmful soap and detergents that costs a lot.

Do you ever contemplate why people add soap or detergent to their laundry loads while washing rather than clean with water? Well, the answer is simple; while water could sufficiently remove dirt and dirt based stains, but it won`t be able to remove oil based stains. That means just water doesn’t cut it for everything from spilled ketchup to mud to grease. Unfortunately, using detergent comes with a price to pay.

Hold it up to NatureWasher that play with stain and give the new shining light

For starters, the residual detergent water that is drained back to the oceans contains toxic chemicals which cause water pollution and much harm to aquatic life. Detergent also pollutes soil and even your home. Apart from that it will destroy your clothes faster as well as fade their color, especially if they are made from exclusive fabrics. Above all, when you wear detergent washed clothes, you also wear buildup of corrosive acids, chemicals and artificial ingredients such as brighteners and whiteners. They can seep onto your skin and which in turn seep into your body and could cause skin irritation.

NatureWasher is an oxygen Infused laundry cleaning system that is safe for you to use with your clothes and the environment.

Why Are There So Many Germs in Your Laundry?

“If you don’t like bacteria, then you have to say yes to NatureWasher.”

Germs in the washer? That’s pretty ironic, right? Sadly it’s true though. Your washer is probably full of fecal matter germs, E. Coli, coliform bacteria, salmonella and several other disgusting germs, bacteria and viruses. The worst part is with the detergent and other chemicals stay on your clothes during the laundry cycle that slows your drying time and stays on your clothes after being dried.

Where do they come from, you ask? Well, many sources, the most obvious being your dirty laundry. That’s not all though, the ‘gunk’ left behind by your detergent also plays a major role in making your washer a breeding house for germs. We say breeding house because germs multiply, and fast!

NatureWasher does not require detergent and does not require HOT WATER to kill the bacteria. You are left with a deeply cleaned load of laundry each time just as the Hospitals and clinics require on their washing machines.

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Detergent- A threat to this environment?

“Save environment, save life. Say no to detergents”

Detergent is formulated to be used and goes down the drain which in turn goes back into your sewer system, septic tanks for crystalizing and/or flows to our rivers and lakes causing POLLUTION and spelling trouble for our environment. Detergents contain ingredients such as: surfactant, zeolite, and added substances cause sully water and the dirt tainting which thus influencing our earth and our homes as well. Take a look at the three most notably devastating effects on the environment that are caused by detergents:

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Kills Fish and Fish Eggs

Detergent destroys the external mucus layer of the fish which protects them from parasites; it also cause damage to their gills, kills their eggs and effects their breeding ability. On top of that, detergent lowers the surface tension of water.

Go Green Go Smart

Causes Algal Species to over-proliferate

Many detergents contain phosphate which further contains phosphorus that is a natural food for plants. But when your washer makes its way to inland waters, the phosphate may cause algal species to multiply, which in turn will deplete oxygen for other marine life.

NO Detergent

Causes soil erosion and Kills Plants

Detergents contain sodium and sodium which is toxic to plants and soil. If your sodium-rich water makes its way to the grounds via a septic system, it will erode the soil and kill plants.