Lease and Service Plan

The parties hereto, as evidenced by their signatures below, agree to the terms contained in this Lease and Service Plan together with the Terms and Conditions contained in Addendum A which is attached hereto and incorporated herein.


The first monthly service fee for the sites indicated in attachment 1 shall be the initial EcoCom TECH Service and Maintenance amount of $167.00 per unit, plus initial license fee of $497.00 per unit for a total of $664.00 at time of this agreement, payable in advance or as mutually agreed. The second month and every month thereafter unless modified and approved by both parties will be $167.00 per unit and shall include the service and maintenance plan indicated below.


EcoCom TECH shall initially supply Subscriber with the following equipment, which shall also be referred to as units:


EcoCom TECH will subcontract with local service technicians to service or replace the equipment as provided in this Agreement. Services shall be provided as needed based upon reasonable notice and availability.


This agreement shall remain in effect from the date signed below for a period of 90 days and thereafter month to month until the agreement is cancelled and the unit is returned. Except in accordance with the terms stated herein, this Agreement cannot be cancelled.

License and Service Initiation Fee

The license fee shall apply to each unit located at the site address below and is not included or considered part of the monthly service fee. The equipment shall be owned by EcoCom TECH and EcoCom TECH has the right to transfer said equipment to a third party service provider.


The installation and delivery fee for a standard installation shall be $300.00 per unit and is due EcoCom TECH at the time of installation. The price for any installation considered non-standard (due to unusual circumstances at the site) will be quoted to Subscriber prior to installation.


The following individuals are authorized to represent the Subscriber in all matters pertaining to this agreement. EcoCom TECH shall be notified in writing of any change in representation.