Eco-Friendly Washing Machines – The Best Laundry Alternative

Eco-Friendly Washing Machines

A commitment to the environment can be quite challenging sometimes, especially when it comes to laundry. Even if you want to do the right thing, appliance companies don’t make it easy on you. The washers and dryers available in the market these days are too expensive, complicated, and use exorbitant amounts of water & energy. The worst part is that this also applies to a 5 star energy saving model. To some extent, you might even prefer washing clothes by hand and line drying them instead of buying these inefficient washers, but somehow it’s very time-consuming and burdensome.

So what’s the best way out? Let’s find out!

The laundry market has been stuck in a time warp for almost fifty years. And while there are countless washing machines emerged out of nowhere, the fact is that most of them are bulky, unwieldy, and energy inefficient. But the good news is that not all laundry machines are alike.

So, there’s no point hunting for cheap and less complicated Washing Machines, thinking that they would cost you less. Unfortunately, it’s going to cost you the earth to run without saving you bucks. So, instead of running after cheap washing machines, go for the ones that will definitely leave you with the lowest energy bills, i.e. Eco-friendly washing machines. An Eco-friendly washing machine can help you save significant money on your utility bills while helping the environment.

As per a survey conducted by the U.S. Government, it was estimated that the typical washing machine consumes around 63-kilowatt hours per year (without taking into account the amount of water required to run the machine or the cost to heat that water). Whereas, an eco-friendly washing machine consumes only 31-kilowatt hours per year – making it the most preferred choice for laundry.

Nature Washer – A Nature-Friendly Alternative to Conventional Washers and Dryers

Nature Washer, a Powerful and eco-friendly ECO Green appliance that works in combination with your existing washing machine, built with the sole intention of making the laundry process detergent-free and cost-efficient at the same time.


Intelligently designed to help you save money, space, and the cost of your energy bills, Nature Washer comes with an Oxygen Infused Laundry System that is both powerful and environment-friendly. Unlike other washers, Nature Washer cares about the environment and provides you many useful benefits such as:

• Helps you save significantly on water and energy
• Saves your time, space, and money
• Puts an end to expensive detergents and soaps
• Makes your laundry both germ & chemical free
• Eliminates chemicals, pesticides, bacteria and other impurities
• Deodorizes & refreshes your pets

Switch to Nature Washer Today and say NO to Toxic Chemicals!
Being an energy efficient washer, Nature Washer aims to keep your laundry germ-free, replacing the need for chemical cleaners and detergents. Still having second thoughts? We’ve got you covered! Just give us a call and we’ll take care of the rest.

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