Keep Your Woolens Smelling Fresh This Winter with Laundry Machines



We all love winters, don’t we? Snuggling up under soft and warm layers and looking at the sunlight glow. We all have our favorite woolens that are worn repeatedly every winter season and remain mostly on the first shelf of our wardrobe, letting us ignore the ones that are hidden at the back of the shelf. But what if your favorite wool sweater doesn’t fit you this season? There is a possibility that you might have put on weight since last winter. But not necessarily! Did you wash it last year before you stowed it away for summers? Well, that’s the culprit then.

You might not be aware that woolens can shrink if soaked in water for a long time. In today’s automatic world, handling your woolen attires in your Commercial Laundry Machine is very important. Washing woolens is not easy and can be a tricky proposition, since they can easily sag, lose shape and even shrink. So, have you ever thought of what’s the best way to wash a woolen garment without shrinking it, and keeping it fresh and clean for several decades? Well, we’ve made it easy for you.

Read these handy tips to warm up for this winter and care for those fabrics that you love the most:

Just hand-wash your woolens gently at room temperature without rubbing the wool against itself as it will lead to shrinkage.
If labeled Superwash, wash your woolen attires in your commercial laundry machine. Wool will shrink to varying degrees. So, always test a swatch first.
Try using a natural detergent for a mild and effective cleansing along with lukewarm water, and let the garment soak for 2-4 minutes before rinsing.
Wash light wool sweaters with Commercial Washing Machine’s hand-wash or wool cycle option.
Always do the dry cleaning of your woolens at the beginning and end of winters to avoid moth larvae damage. So, store them clean and use them clean.
Never use hot water or bleach as they can shrink your favorite woolens.
Gently squeeze the woolen garment and lay it flat while drying.
Don’t hang your woolens in a packed closet. Instead, hang them on sturdy hangers to avoid over-stretching of the shoulder area because of weight.
Try not to re-wear your woolen attires before 24 hours. This will dissipate wrinkles and recover the elasticity of the fabric.

So, what are you waiting for? Go Green Go Smart with these useful home laundry tips and make your woolens look amazingly new this winter season.

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