Perks of Using Oxygen Powered Laundry System

Perks of Using Oxygen Powered Laundry System

Whenever we hear the term laundry, we automatically think of a boring chore. This is why many of us don’t pay close attention when doing our laundry. It not only keeps our clothes neat & clean, but also plays a vital role in maintaining proper hygiene.

Our outfits tend to get dirty after we wear them a couple of times. It is not just the dust, but also a large number of bacteria, germs, etc. from our surroundings or body that are transferred onto the clothes that we wear. This is why keeping them clean is important.

Oddly enough, we pick-up just about any cleaning agent or washing machine for them. This is what happens in most of the homes. In many commercial institutions like hotels, hospitals, pools, etc., where the usage of clothing, towels, etc. is heavy, the situation is even worse.

Since a lot of washing has to be carried out, they simply go for the cheapest option available. Hence, the products they get are sub-standard which only clean the surface of the cloth. This means that the fabric looks spotless but it is actually loaded with many potential health hazards.

Sometimes, a high-quality commercial laundry system isn’t enough. This is where our XL1000 – Oxygen infused commercial laundry system comes into play leaving its competition in the dust with its ability to not only remove dirt, but also eliminate all threats to health.

It is an eco-friendly laundry system that attaches to your current commercial laundry appliance and comes with hosts of benefits that include: –

  • Kills germs – It mixes normal tap water with Oxygen, Ozone, and Hydrogen Peroxide ions using NASA-engineered technology. Then with the help of a static mixer, it creates a powerful oxidizer which is known as Hydroxyl Radical. It is this compound which makes your laundry germ-free & clean.
  • Protects your health & skin – Chemical-based detergents have an adverse effect on your skin like redness, irritation, etc. But, the XL1000 does not need any detergent and this ensures that your health is in good hands.
  • Does not pollute water – The regular detergents consists of several harmful chemicals. When they come in contact with water, a toxic liquid waste is made. This waste is disposed of in the nearby water body which harms its aquatic life. However, XL1000 is free of such ingredients and does not add any pollutants to water.
  • Works on all water types – The XL1000 can easily work with all types of water like hard water. Hard water has a very high mineral content which becomes a problem for the equipment that actively uses water. Luckily, our product uses a built-in magnetizer which treats hard water and makes it safer for the machines.
  • Saves money – You won’t be needing hot water for clean laundry anymore, as our appliance can easily work with cold water. In addition to this, you will not have to purchase detergents. It is the perfect definition of an energy-efficient appliance due to its low consumption of power. All this continues to add up in the long run and this way, you save a lot of money!

These are all the benefits which come with our XL1000 – Oxygen infused commercial laundry system that attaches to your existing commercial appliance. It is very quick, incredibly effective, highly dependable, and above all, keeps your customers safe. What else you could possibly ask for?

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