Oxileaf-850 Air Purifier
Ozone Air Purifier

OxiLeaf™ 850
Nature’s plug-in Air Purifier
An Ozone Air Purifier

MSRP :$249

Before State Rebate and Manufacturer Rebate

The OxiLeaf™ 850 model is designed to work in small and very large rooms of the house.
Pursue a healthy home environment with the OxiLeaf™ 850. OxiLeaf™ works with proven Oxi-Technology on demand (no fillers or filters needed) to rapidly oxidize the worst odors, freshen, energize and purify the air you breathe. OxiLeaf™ even oxidizes germs from contaminated surfaces we touch. It's elegant design will match any home decor.

OxiLeaf™ 850 has the same powerful Technology as the EcoWasher®. The OxiLeaf technology does the same germ and bacteria killing that the EcoWasher® does to your laundry. The OxiLeaf™ 850 purifiers your air as well has surfaces. It is not a cover up like chemicals. The OxiLeaf™ 850, uses ozone to kill bacteria and germs.

Please Note: Your credit card will be billed ahead of shipment and your OxiLeaf™ 850 will be delivered 45 days after it is ordered.


Product Description

The best part is the OxiLeaf™ 850 is an environmentally friendly appliance intended for use in any room of the house.


Removes unwanted odors
Restores oxygen
Portable and compact
Adjustable control knob
Quiet Operation


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Nature’s plug-in Air Purifier
An Ozone Air Purifier”

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