Oxileaf MINI
Air PurifierAir PurifierOzone Air Purifier

OxiLeaf™ MINI
Nature’s plug-in Air PurifierAn Ozone Air Purifier

MSRP :$99

Before State Rebate and Manufacturer Rebate

The OxiLeaf™ mini model is designed to work in every room of the house.
The OxiLeaf™ mini has been re-engineered to be MIGHTY by increasing its oxidation power by 25% while making it even quieter. OxiLeaf™ works with proven Oxi-Technology on demand (no fillers or filters needed) to rapidly oxidize the worst odors, freshen, energize and purify the air you breath. OxiLeaf™ even oxidizes germs from contaminated surfaces we touch. There are plenty of ways to cover an odor, but why mask it with chemical perfumes when you can oxidize it? There is only one way to naturally and effectively remove odors while simultaneously creating pure, oxygen enriched air for indoor spaces which is exactly what the OxiLeaf™ is designed to do.

OxiLeaf™ mini is also ideal for travel.


Product Description

The best part is the OxiLeaf™ mini is an environmentally friendly appliance intended for use in any room of the house.


Removes unwanted odors
Restores oxygen
Portable and compact
Adjustable control knob
Quiet Operation



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Nature’s plug-in Air PurifierAn Ozone Air Purifier”

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