“After using NatureWasher for a few weeks, this oxygen infused laundry system works well enough and effective without using any detergent and fabric softener. I sometimes miss the scent of softener, but NatureWasher makes our clothes clean with nothing more than the neutral scent of wet fabric, which is gone after drying. There was one soiled shirt that required a second wash due to stick stain, but it become clean; it’s expected that soap will sometimes be needed.”



“Wow, Just installed and very happy. Simple to install, just two screws into the drywall (they even include a screwdriver and anchors). I have already used this oxygen infused laundry system about 10 times and put it through some big tests. My workout clothes never come clean and stink same after using detergent but after using NatureWasher our clothes are clean and pleasant. It also results in extra whitening of my white shirts without using bleach.”

Annie Evans

“Just after my neighbor recommended me to buy XL4000, I purchased one. It`s simple to install which takes 10 minutes. (After the initial cleaning of my washer, which takes as long as a wash cycle lasts—NatureWasher has included instructions in a very simple and straightforward process). NatureWasher an oxygen infused laundry system really impressed me on my first use and I was delighted with its powerful functioning that can remove stains and odors.”

Betty Teater


“One simple word: A.W.E.S.O.M.E one of the best solution to laundry. NatureWasher do exactly what they promise over. A very simple and easy installation oxygen infused laundry system. Completely as per the expectation and within a few minutes it comes with the unexpected result! A lovely fragrance and deeply stain cleaning without any toxic or harmful detergents. I can assure you NatureWasher is beyond top quality laundry system! Cannot thank them enough for helping me out with the best cleaning system.”

David Jones